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It all started back in 1964 Niagara Falls, Ontario: Tom played in his first Pee Wee hockey match and fell in love with the game. From Pee Wee to Junior to Collegiate (Norwich University and Niagara University, 1979), Tom competed with many skilled players from both sides of the waterfalls.

Hockey runs deep through Tom's veins, so it's no surprise that he and his wife, Sharon, were destined to raise a hockey family. Tom coached youth travel teams as their son, Connor, excelled in the sport. Connor now plays for Hobart, a nationally-ranked NCAA DIII team.

tom in pee wee hockey
connor simon hobart hockey

It's not always easy being a hockey family. When you're not playing in a game, you're practicing. And, if you don't have an indoor ice rink in your backyard, you practice on the kitchen floor... and mom gets to scrub the scuff marks off the tile and dad gets to patch the sheetrock and repair the baseboard trim. This rang true for Tom and Sharon, but they knew there had to be a better way.

With Tom's professional experience in plastics, he experimented with many materials and molds until 2009, when a star was born - a Shooting Star, that is. Connor could now practice hockey anywhere and anytime with his Shooting Star Hockey Board.

Shooting Star Hockey Boards are made in the USA using locally-sourced polymer. This unique plastic mimics the look and feel of real ice. Now you can improve your puck skills inside or outside, summer or winter, at home or on the road.

simon family hobart hockey
shooting star hockey logo
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